Slingshot is an external add to basket system. It's an e-commerce solution which makes any branded or third party material e-commerce enabled. This digitally centralised e-commerce system uses the online shopping baskets of existing retailers. Allowing users to add products from branded content and by-pass the search features of online stores. This e-commerce solution is like no other and allows purchase intent from any content.
Slingshot lets you add grocery products directly to your online shopping basket from anywhere - websites, Facebook pages, magazines - you name it. Click a Slingshot button or scan a Slingshot QR code and, like magic, the product will appear in your basket. It’s a digital bookmark for your groceries. To get started you must link your retailers account, it takes less than 30 seconds.

Add any item to your existing shopping basket, from anywhere.


Slingshot is now part of Symphony EYC.

Symphony EYC helps shoppers find the best products and deals available to them at their favorite stores. Slingshot is proud to become part of the Symphony EYC family and start letting our users shop with even greater ease, from more places and take advantage of even more promotions.


How do you Sling?

If you fancy a Sling it's dead easy. Slingshot lets you put items you see in day to day life straight into your existing basket at online stores. Just tell Slingshot your account details once and whenever you see the button, you can place that product straight in your basket. It will stay there until you shop next.


Try It Out.

Slingshots are in tons of different places. Here are a few of our favourites for you to try out.

Slingshots can be buttons on websites, banners, Facebook pages or videos. Slingshots can also be used via QR codes and some selected applications. Your baskets stay linked across all Slingshots on a single device, so you don't need to re-link.

See More Examples
The Slingshot system does not allow people to buy from adverts, the Slingshot e-commerce add to basket system allows people to digitally bookmark products in the basket of their existing e-commerce enabled retailer. This effectivly created a "buy from advert" function which is called a Slingshot. This allows a buying intention to be registed at point of purchase and means a product can be added to a basket from an advert without any checkout function required. This external add to basket system is safe and secure. It remebers details across all implementations and this means that users stay signed into the add to basket feature so subsiquently can add products to basket ready to buy from adverts or website in one click with thier chosen retailer.

Want to make a Slingshot?

Making Slingshots is dead easy and free! You may be a big brand with a large advertising campaign or a small restaurant who wants to make their recipes available in the home. You can make a Slingshot in around 30 seconds to place, well, anywhere!

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